This Week

I have not felt quite like myself this week. Between the battle of a sore throat, to the weird change of weather, and my lack of creativity, it has been a week that seemed to just pass me by. There were a few highlights. 

The deer seem to know that we like them around in the evenings. 

Puffy baby jackets and boots make me excited for the first snow. 

Vitamin C, Green Tea, repeat. 

Matt built a fire pit in our woods that got it's inaugural s'mores roast before my Dad left. 

I made my favorite lasagna recipe and purposely made extra to enjoy all week. 

My Goop Birchbox arrived. More to come on that later. 

Trying to shop my own closet for a going away party tonight for one of my favorite people

Surprise, no reason at all, flowers are the best. 

Enjoy your weekend! 


PS: I am obsessed with this video from The Coveteur. Genius. 

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