Skirting the Issue

We have the an enormous TV. Like an obnoxious one that is every man's dream. It was purchased before I was around and used to live in our master bedroom, where it's size (kind of) made sense. Now it is in our great room until we can figure out where to put it. It hovers above a side table I actually love, and below it is all the junk that it takes to work it and the network through out the house. I love how it takes this many wires to actually be wireless....

That sweet little table hiding underneath is actually an antique from my grandmother that I have been dying to repaint. 

Anyway, I needed to figure out a solution to hide all this junk, because honestly it was driving me crazy. Because we watch this TV the most, I have been forced to watch those wires as much as every show on Bravo. 

Lucky for me I found a solution. A table skirt. But before you judge, because the only person you know with a table skirt is your grandmother, take a look....

 A lovely lady from the Etsy shop HomeLush made this for me. I sent her the measurements, a picture of what needed to be covered, and what fabric I wanted from her collection. No less than a week later it was on my doorstep. 

This may be a temporary fix for a bigger problem, like where is this monstrosity going and what will be put in it's place? But it is a fix I am loving and I have something so much nicer to look at while I hang out with Andy Cohen. 


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