Nicole Ritchie + Macy's

Always a fan of Nicole Ritchie's personal style and her Winter Kate and House of Harlow lines, I was interested to see her lower priced line at Macy's. She has been sporting some of the looks for recent appearances....

And I have to say I am into it. Great prints, forgiving and flattering silhouettes, and new takes on some old classic pieces. 

Macy's is not exactly a place that is on the top of my shopping list. But this is not the first time it has surprised me. I ended up finding my wedding dress there by chance and not in one of the fab boutiques I thought I would. 

One of these pieces would be on the top of my Fall list and the price point makes shopping for it even more fun. 

Now just need to decide which to order....


  1. Lauren Warner19.9.12

    Macys has some good lines but the problem with shopping there is the experience - its terrible! I think they need an entire store redesign and perhaps some associate training courses!

    1. I could not agree more Lauren! The atmosphere, lack of service and general feel is not great. Hopefully with new lines and their "star" power kicking up a notch, they will improve it.



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