Football Pride: On & Off the Field

Ultimately, what always comes back as my favorite part of Fall is football season. Be it college or NFL, it just feels right when the leaves start to change and Saturdays and/or Sundays can be spent watching every game. 

And though it is kind of cheesy, I am into showing your pride. Looks like Pink has given us a few options besides over sized jerseys. They have these for every NFL team, clearly you know my favorite....

Yep, those are Bears undies (#4). That way you can show some pride under any of your chic weekend pieces. No one will know, except...

1. Drapey tee $39
2. Hoodie $58
5. Shorts $34

But let's get serious, you are not wearing those things (well, maybe the boy shorts) unless you are actually in front of the TV or next to the field. Lucky for us Bears fans, blue and orange is perfect for Fall. I LOVE all of these and they would be perfect for a pre-game Saturday night out...

Splendid $110, J. Crew $198, Juicy $230, Kimchi Blue $79

Go Bears! 


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