Braid Halo

I have been trying to master the braid halo recently. I have found if you do it too tight or pulled together, it looks like you belong on the hills of Switzerland milking cows. So something that looks a bit more like this is what I am striving for....

via Pinterest 
My attempts have been lack luster. Little Olsen here clearly has curly hair going for her, which makes that messy look way easier to put together. I have pulled off a version that I am starting to like. I start with dirty hair and rat it up a bit, then braid into pig tails, just like the ones you used to sport as a three year old. 

Then pin up one side, then the next hiding the ends of the first section by covering it with the second. Tuck the ends of the second section under the first. 

I like to use hair pins and bobby pins. The bobby pins help keep it tight and the hair pins allow you to tuck in the pieces without messing up the rest of your 'do. 

back of my head

Please excuse my roots. Wow. 

Not the best tutorial, but I think with a few more tries I might just have it. This is a great way to throw hair up into something, especially when your ponytail streak has lasted almost a month. 



  1. looks great! love this look. i know exactly what you mean about it being hit or miss. i tend to love it most from the front and the side, agree? i also love the side french braid into a bun - easy yet chic.

  2. Anonymous25.1.12

    How do you do the side braid when your hair is down ??? The one you normally wear ?

    1. Anonymous25.1.12

      Ps its Julie :)

    2. julie g25.1.12

      Ps its Julie :)

  3. Just divide your hair then make the braid straight down from where you want to pull it back up. Does that make sense?



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