I heart Made by Girl

Is there anything better or more simple than this print? 

A declaration, a memory, or maybe a state of mind, this would be lovely to look at every day. It is one of Made by Girl's  prints and comes in many other colors. 

Most of what I have been framing lately has been fun prints from Etsy or personal photos I have blown up and stuck in gallery frames from West Elm

This one might be my next acquisition. 

Made by Girl has a great blog and other prints and paper wares to dazzle you. 

Most of the prints can be done on a stretched canvas like the love prints above. Another fun option for your walls. 

The Hellos in different languages would be great for an entry. 

And how cute are the cards? Simple, yet the expressions on them are unique and have some whimsy. 

As always, the prices are great. So shop away! 



  1. thank you for featuring made by girl! :)))

  2. Obbbbbsesseddd with the LOVE poster. Maybe a nusery item? Hope you're well!



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