Drugstore Favorite: Neutrogena

Not sure if you have not noticed, but the selections at your local drugstore have gotten a little overwhelming. There has to be at least 100 soaps, 200 face washes and endless shampoo and conditioner options. It can be hard to find your favorites.

I am such a product junkie that a great ad on TV, a review in a magazine or fun packaging can get me to buy something and try it. The bottles continue to pile up....

One drugstore product that I have not been switching up is my lotion. This Neutrogena Moisture Wrap lotion is amazing. Its obvious best aspect is that it keeps your skin moisturized, but goes a step further by working well into the next day. 

My favorite thing about it is that it soaks in quickly, which is hard to find from a super moisturizing lotion. 

Thought I needed to share the one product that has captured my attention and purchase power for more than a couple months. 


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