12 Lovely Women, 1 Angry Woman

The weekend is over and the jury summons that I received a couple of weeks ago is staring at me. I have to report for duty tomorrow morning and not knowing my judicial fate is stressing me out. The thought of sitting in a room for eight hours waiting for my name to be called sounds like a great way to go insane.

So to keep me happy this morning (and stress free) I made my favorite tea and decided to pick my twelve favorite looks from the weekend. While I am the one angry woman, and will be even more so if I get assigned to a long trial, these twelve look chic and that have nothing to be angry about. 

Starting with the best of the best, Kate B....

Miranda makes the list purely based on the best accessory ever, Flynn's blushed cheeks. I mean, do you die over that face or what?

How cute are Reese and Kate? Loving both of their dresses for an event in LA.

J Lo makes the cut twice, which is rare since her style is not always my taste. I love the day look with fur collar and tightly pulled bun. Perfect for the chilly weekend.

Hopefully I will be writing you tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, but who knows. My fate is in the hands of the Cook County Court. Better jury duty than jail, but doesn't it kind of feel like the same thing?


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