Mantel Madness

Mantels can be tough to put together. There are endless ways to chic up your place by using your mantel as a center piece. And with all those ways, there are a lot of ways to make it over complicated. I loved this easy to use diagram I found on Honey & Fitz. An easy road map to help us novices.
image via 
Now I have a bit more of a dilemma at my house. Our television is mounted super close to the mantel and there is giant speaker underneath it. I have been playing around with how to dress it up without looking like I planted a bunch of junk up there. I have settled on this for the moment. 

I stare at it all day thinking how to change it and I certainly do not think that I have done the kind of job an actual designer could cook up. But in the quest of trying to make it look great, this is my favorite so far. 

My diagram is amateur hour, but thought I would share what I have done as I know there are many of you with this same TV over mantel set up. 

I am sure I will be changing it again in an hour. 


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