Destination: Ferry Building Market, San Francisco

Last weekend in San Francisco was amazing. The weather was chilly, but that did not deter us from making the most of a very short trip. There was lots of celebrating with family for my brother's engagement at Bin 38, meals at some old school haunts of my parents (Ceaser's, Henry's Hunan), a very long (steep) walk around the city and a delicious morning trip to the Ferry Building Market

The marketplace there is amazing. Indoor vendors vary from creameries to burger joints and the outdoor vendors have every tasty food coming out of Northern California that you can think of. Not to mention the gorgeous flowers for purchase. It was so much fun to walk around, taste a little of everything and see what it would be like to shop here on the weekends if I lived in SF. So jealous of the year round bounty available to those in the Golden State. 

Easily this is my favorite spot to visit in the city. So go hungry and give yourself time to explore all of the tasty treats. 


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