Weekend Wish

Photos: vogue.com
Meet Selby Drummond, the Accessories Editor at Vogue. Do you hate her already? I know, me too. But I also can't help but love her and think about how fab her life must be. Not only is she stunning, she has access to all the most amazing accessories and fashion in the world, and her office desk sits in the coveted offices of Vogue. And though my weekend wish of working there one day has no chance of happening, at least we can be inspired by Selby's fantastic taste. It is all perfection. The mint and black combo, the pink trousers, that Celine handbag, and all the jewelry is lovely. So even though we might not be Selby one day, I love how Vogue lets us live vicariously through their staffers on Vogue.com. Here's to all your wishes coming true this weekend. I will be waiting by the phone for a call from Anna Wintour.


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