Orange You Glad It's Summer?

Matching nail colors from fingers to toes is not necessary. I know most people do, but it is more fun to switch it up and have some fun with your colors. Keeping the two colors in the same family keeps it chic and will make it easier to switch up your matching routine. Dark on toes and lighter on hands works best, more so because your hands are much more likely to chip first. This summer orange is really dominating my digits and this combo is my favorite. Corally, orange red, E-nuf is E-nuf changes colors in different lighting. Sherbet looking Tart Deco is really fun and perfect for those that do not deviate far from pale pink. The coral family of colors from Essie are gorgeous and well stocked at your local nail spot. If not, Target is now carrying most colors. As if you need another reason to go there?


1 comment:

  1. love the tart deco! i think i'm going to have to get that for my mani/pedi this weekend.




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