Surprising Kitchens from Ikea

Ikea has always been a great place to browse and maybe pick up a piece or two that you either don't want to spend a bunch of money on or caught your eye and could not live without. It has come a long way from college apartment furniture and your go to place for a TV stand. 

While we all want the kitchen of our dreams, with this economy and real estate market the days of pouring your life savings into it are pretty much over. Well at least for most of us. Ikea has seriously stepped up to the plate with affordable options to give you a super chic and functional space that will look every bit as great as the neighbors who drained their 401ks. 

PS: My other favorite find at Ikea right now is house plants. Although I am struggling to keep them alive, they have the best plants for cheap with great pots. 



  1. i agree! during our remodel we opted for an IKEA kitchen not only to save money, but because the design and functionality is SO great. all our drawers slide out, quiet shut cabinents and tons of little surprises and useful layouts. besides two truck fulls of boxes and lots of tears while building it (our AC was broken, it was July in Phoenix) - I highly recommend it! And, did you know IKEA sells granite countertops?


  2. Love that you used Ikea, you should share on your blog! I bet it looks fab.



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