Lip Service: Hints of Color

Lip stick can be a little scary at times. That full on pigmented color needs to be applied correctly, retouched and needs multiple mirror checks. When it comes to every day and wanting to add a little color to your lips, these three options are much less scary and give you just a bit of juicy color to brighten up your face and your day. Bonus is they all have a bit of shine and moisture to keep your pucker soft. I keep all three in my bag (clearly the Kiehl's tube has seen better days) and pick the color that best matches my mood. Each have a hint of pink to them, but the consitency is different.

Smith's Rosebud Salve smells like rose petals and is a soft balm with a hint of pink. It also can be used on cuticles, any dry skin you have or diaper rash for your little one.

Fresh's Sugar Rose lip treatment has SPF 15 and is a soft pink stick that is easy to apply. It also smells divine.

The Kiehl's lip gloss has the most color, but is not as red at the tube implies. No fragrance, but has an easy applicator.   I like it in Golden Berry, but there are a ton of great color options.


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