Drugstore Favorites

There are so many great products at the drug store. Ones that do the same for so much less money than you could be spending at any beauty counter. And although I tend to hunt Sephora for most of my cosmetic needs, it is really the drugstore buys that pack the most punch every day. Here are some of my go-to purchases. 

Anyone that has ever lived with me knows I swear by Johnson's baby oil. I use it in the shower right after I turn the water off and towel off a bit. It saves my skin and I love the light scent.

All of the sunscreens work great. I use Eucerin in the winter when I am mostly covered up and want just a bit of protection. The Banana Boat lasts forever, provides full protection, stays put through a round of golf or swimming, and who can resist that coconut smell? The 100+ SPF from Neutrogena for face is great poolside or if you are going to be in the sun at all.

The St. Ives scrub is old school, but I still love it. No other exfoliator gives you the feeling that it does. Although, it is pretty rough, so avoid with sensitive skin.

Oh Nair. First introduced to me by my college bestie, we would bond by erasing the fuzz on our upper lip. Ok, mustaches. Changed my life, as I cannot wax.

CeraVe is highly recommended by my dermatologist and she even sells it at her office. It is ultra rich and contains lipids that naturally helps keep moisture in your skin. I use that and the Caldrea Hand Balm, from Target, at night, which comes in great subtle scents. The Olay body wash is the most moisturizing one I have found.

If your eyes are ever red from travel, allergies, or a late night, Rohto drops will erase it all. I use it even if they are not red because it gets the whites of your eyes super clear.

The Crest 3D stripes are awesome. I did an expensive whitening once and these work just as well, if not better.

Remember seeing the ads with Jessica Biel and her ridiculously pouty lips with perfect color? Well the Just Bitten line of lip stains is how she got them. I have them in a bunch of colors and love that one end is stain and the other is balm. Saves room in your purse.

Lastly, but might be the best life saver of them all, are the gel pads from Dr. Scholl's. They can be used forever and in multiple pairs of heels. It can make even your most painful pair last past midnight.

What are some of your faves at the drugstore?


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  1. That's great to know about CeraVe - now that I'm approaching 30 I'm looking for a moisturizer that is actually backed by a dermatologist...it's about time. ;)

    As far as my favorites - I would not be able to survive without Chapstick, 'Define-A-Lash mascara by Maybelline (all green tube - I swear it's better than the pink/green tube) and for when I don't have the room to splurge on salon shampoo/conditioner I turn to Neutrogena's Triple Mositure shampoo/conditionner. It's the only kind I've found in the drug store that has kept me nice and hydrated and completely static free - even in the winter.



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