Cannes Crush: Clemence Poesy

There has been so much fashion amazing-ness at Cannes that it is hard to pick favorites. Kirstin, Rachel B, Penelope, and Gwen are killing it.

And in addition to those lovely ladies, there has just been some beautiful dresses and casual photo call outfits that need to be used for inspiration. But until I get through all 500 images and start shopping, I thought I would share my current crush, Clemence Poesy.

You might recognize this French coquette from a brief stint as Chuck Bass's pouty lady friend on Gossip Girl. She has since been on the event scene and bringing that perfectly not put-together look  to the red carpet.

Her hair always looks effortless, just like every other chic French woman you see, not pain stakingly manipulated like some other actresses and ladies we know.

She chooses classic silhouettes in black, white and gray, and accessories so smartly and minimally. Are you loving those bright shoes under the soft, gown?

I also cannot understand how she pulls off the black shift, which is so shapeless, but I honestly think it has to do with her pulled back hair and simple ballet-inspired shoes.

So lessons to take away from Clemence are to not try to hard, keep accessories minimal to let your dress stand out, and let those tresses blow in the breeze.

Are you crushing on her yet?



  1. kelly25.5.11

    Ahhh - I love her! I remember googling her when she was on GG.

  2. You're right about her hair - love it. She is motivation for me to keep on the path of 'natural hair.' I'm trying to grow it out, healthy, and I'm allowing myself to use heat only once/week. It's HARD but these pictures show natural/unfussed with hair CAN be beautiful.



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