Weekend Wishes

1. To wake up early enough to hit up the elusive Donut Vault on Franklin & Kinzie in Chicago. This tiny, impeccably decorated little shop cranks out 300-350 donuts every morning and stops selling once they are sold out. The line has been around the block, but I am determined. 

2. To seek out some bright colored, nature inspired long necklaces like this one from Ali NY

3. Find some pretty branches with little flowers on them, like Cherry Blossom or Mimosa, to brighten up the pad. 

4. To have a really successful and fun event on Saturday for Make A Wish. To join me click here.

5. To read the new Vogue with the stunning Reese on the cover (worshiping the black & white dress) from cover to cover on Sunday. 

Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. Anonymous15.4.11

    Donut Vault - such an awesome name. I'm drooling. And agreed - Reese looks gorge! Sounds like perfect weekend plans to me! xo, Jenna

  2. kelly15.4.11

    I swear that light fixture in the vault is the same one I want for our family room! Yum. Have fun on Saturday!

  3. Love that light fixture! Maybe they will tell me where they got it. :) I hope it does not rain or waiting in line is going to be miserable.



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