Just Breathe

Michigan Avenue Residence designed by Kara Mann Design
I had seen this layout before in a local magazine and could not keep my eyes off of the images. I also could not get over that someone actually lives and breathes in these rooms every day. Talk about a bit of jealousy, I worship it all. It has such an ease and calm to it, but has no shortage of style. The splash of bright color in the living room, the low trays filled with bright green moss, and the butter colored drapes in the eat-in kitchen all bring extra pop to the rooms. Kara Mann is an extremely talented designer in Chicago that can bring you a whole lot of inspiration. Her obvious talent is not something you can just replicate, but try to learn from. What I am taking away from her designs is that a great light fixture can really make a room, never be afraid of a pop of bright color, going with a similar color palate around your entire house does not have to be boring, and if I ever win the lottery I will be hiring Kara. For bigger images and more spaces, check out her site and drool over the other interiors. Also, check out some of her showroom pieces that are not only chic, but also fun (hello, Union Jack chair). 



  1. Anonymous20.4.11

    She's my biggest design crush yet.
    Loves me some Kara Mann.
    Please tell me you've seen her beach house project. Utter perfection!

  2. I have seen it! I love everything she does. Even the things that I know I could never get away with in my own home, but wish I could.



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