Part of the reason that I wanted to include beauty insight on this blog is because I am a bit of a product junkie. I am an easy sell and every sales girl in Chicago knows it. I even know I am falling for it while it is happening, and yet I can't resist the new color, the new cream, or the new gadget. What can I say, I am in search for anything that lives up to it's reputation (most don't) and am always willing to try the new thing.

I had read a lot about the Clarisonic before going to even look at them, since I knew it was an investment and that I would probably want one immediately after talking to the salesgirl with the perfect skin. Product reviews were all positive. From super clean skin to reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, I was sold and out the door.

If you are unfamiliar with what the Clarisonic actually does, think of it as a big toothbrush for your face (It was developed by the same people that brought us the Sonicare electric toothbrush). It gently scrubs your skin while you wash your face and can be used daily or as much as you want. They come in two sizes the large original size and the smaller Mia. I went with the smaller version, the Mia, as it is slightly less expensive and is great for travel.

Washing your face with the Clarisonic feels like a mini-facial every day. It gets rid of generally everything and anything left on your face from the day. My favorite claim to fame about this gadget is that it helps your other products work better, 30% better. Because you are exfoliating every day, more of your other products soak in to your skin. Which, if you are like me you really, really want them all to work to keep the wrinkles away and stop breaking out like a shiny faced pre-teen.

The Clarisonic comes with a brush head for sensitive skin, so if you don't have sensitive skin I would suggest getting a normal brush head. They sell them alone and in packs. If you buy the large sized Clarisonic, there is a body attachment that sounds amazing, but I can't vouch for it.

Now I feel like the salesgirl, but I promise I will not share anything here that I am not obsessed with.


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  1. kelly22.4.11

    Someone was just telling me yesterday that I was crazy that I hadn't tried this yet! I'm on it.



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