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As my kids have gotten older, time has started to speed up and it is starting to weigh on me. I realized this week that my son may be creeping on his last year of Santa magic and that blows my mind. It seems that as the weeks roll on they are growing into real kids and my time with them is so fleeting. Which is such a stark contrast to the baby days that dragged on and I willed the time forward. So my intention is to max out the family time while they still want to play with each other and be home with us. I know before long they will be valuing time with friends more and rolling their eyes at me when I suggest a snuggle fest on the couch. Lord I hope that is never true! 
So here is to starting the holidays right.
 With lots of cheer, a grateful heart, and all the snuggles I can get. 
In the meantime, a few favorites from the week. 

1. Shopbop is having a huge sale and I ordered a bunch of things for the holidays. Including this jumpsuit that I cannot wait to try on! This sweater too is such a steal. 
2. Holiday decor is on the to do list and I am searching for a couple new pieces with a minimalist vibe like this lit wreath. And maybe these stars for the kids rooms. 
3. You guys, this new workout outfit is giving me all the motivation to get my booty to the gym. Top & Bottom
4. How cute are these white leather sherpa lined Vans?! Keeping cozy even in sneakers 
5. Kids in matching pjs makes this world a better place. I am pretty loyal to Hannas and stocked up since they are all on sale! 
6. I tend to forget about the advent calendar until after the first day, so ordered these two. A charm bracelet for Mary and Kinder for Tommy. 
7. I needed a rug for my bedroom since I moved some things around, but did not want to spend a fortune. It sits mostly under a bed and Matt and I are the only ones that see it! I found this amazing Surya for nothing and am excited to put it down. 
8. This dark floral dress would be so great for the holidays! Under $100
9. My fellow Bravo addicts, are you following CommentsbyBravo? It makes my day and solidify how damn funny all the Bravolebrities are. 
10. I started breaking out the glitter eye again and I'm not mad about it. This Stila wand makes it completely foolproof. Kitten Karma is my fave. 


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