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This week did to turn out as expected, so instead of the schedule I had in mind I was forced to hang out more and take it easy. Which I realized was just what I needed. 
I did a lot more cooking (check out my insta for a new recipe!), had time to actually put on real clothes in the morning, and check off all the to dos I had been putting off (still looking at you closet clean out). 
I am excited to get back to my routine, but also going to remember that I need more days to hang and focus on work/home. 
Here are some of the things that made me happy and I want to share. 

1. With cool nights and mornings upon us, I am in need of a big cozy jacket to throw on over leggings, This one is perfectly oversized and comes in a few great fall colors. 
2. I posted about my new cookware on Instagram and can I tell you my love affair with it continues. I cooked WAY more this week just to try things out. It is beautiful, lightweight, cleans up like a dream, and has great evenness. I love the blue I got, but it also comes in pink/brass! And black for a classic look. 
3. I am trying to slowly clean up my skin care product by product. I will not go all the way with it, but I am trying products out in an attempt to be more non toxic. I am a devoted Olay Body Wash user, but decided to give this Plant Apothecary Calm Down Wash a try given the raves reviews. And I am OBSESSED with it. The suds are so soft and the smell is intoxicating (ps: I am not a big fragrance person). It also comes in Get Happy, Wake Up, and Get it On (wink wink). Or get a set, which I am considering. 
4. My tried and true faux leather leggings come in the best Oxblood color for Fall. 
5. It has recently occurred to me that not everyone knows about Yellowstone. If you have not dove into this Ranch/Cowboy drama starring Kevin Costner (but really starring the beautiful state of Montana) start binging NOW. The boys will love it too, so it makes for a good hang. You can watch demand on the Paramount channel. 
6. I made a small change to help me with my mornings by not sleeping with my phone next to me and getting this alarm clock. And I have to say it is making falling asleep and getting butt out of bed in the morning a lot easier. I like that this one is easy to use and dims to off so it does not light up your room at night. 
7. I recently invested in a new laptop and considering the dings in my old one, I am trying to be more careful with it. How awesome is this leopard laptop case? How cool to slide your computer out of it at meetings?
8. These might be the best white sneakers I have seen this fall and the price point is great. 
9. If you follow Busy Phillips on Insta, then you have seen her sporting these Irene Neuwirth necklaces pretty much every day. Can I tell you that a wonderful and creative woman is making the exact same ones for like 95 percent less than Busy's?! I love the two I got and how they layer with my every day necklaces. I got this one and this one. Check out Ava Fox Jewelry to shop or find her on Insta

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