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What are your days looking like recently? As someone who loves structure, the weeks have had anything but which throws so much off. More than anything my mood. Add a little stress and then life can feel strange and off and like you are ready to come out the other side of something you did not even know you were in. Anyone else???
This week has not been sunnier weather wise, but certainly helping me feel more grounded even in a sea of chaos (hello recital week). So I am enjoying little things like hearing my kids belt out a song in the backseat (even if it is Jojo wtf), finding a good show to watch with the hubs we BOTH like (Bosch - Amazon Video), and the killer sunsets these Spring evenings have given us. Because really it is all those little things that help us come up for air when things are feeling not quite right. 
Here are some other things that are making me happy and maybe can bring a little sun to you too. 

1. Dubbed the "perfect" rain coat that comes in many colors. You know, for all the rain. 
2. P50, you guys. I really need to do an entire post on this, but this stuff is PURE MAGIC. Local Btown folks you can check it out here. 
3. Topped into the charming shop of my talented friend, Kate Marker, and picked up a couple of these sweet plants. And while you know I love my real deals, having a few good fauxs around is even better. 
4. Currently on my audible is this gem. I have been listening to a lot of WWII setting novels and this one is one of the top. 
5. How sweet are these little star studs?!
6. My skin is weirdly dry and the only lotion that is working is this thick CeraVe lotion. I slather it on immediately post shower and it lasts forever. 
7. These jeans are a REVELATION. You know when you come home and immediately get into sweats? Well the other night while wearing these soft babies I did not have to. Seriously, they are ultra soft, keep their shape, and the perfect high waist/slim leg/cropped fit! This wash is on sale. 
8. All I want to wear are long dresses and jumpsuits, maybe every day forever. This jumpsuit seems like the perfect one to live in. Or this
9. Just ordered these cute leather slides that look so lux but wait until you see the price tag. Also in black. 
10. Yellow is loud and proud and I want these leggings so I can feel that every day when I pretend I am going to work out. 


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