Oscars 2019: Best & Worst Dressed

I was over on my Insta Stories last night doing full commentary on the Oscar red carpet and LOVED hearing all your feedback too. I used to watch these events with my friends roommates for years. Take out, cheap wine, and snarky banter. Man I miss those days! So talking about it real time with all of you feels a bit of the same and I love it. But let's dive a little deeper, shall we? 

This is my top best dressed. After seeing it on stage and seeing the detail it was magical. The embroidery is gorgeous and that fabric floats around her like a dream. I think she should have done something with her hair at least a bit, and this pose is hilarious, but otherwise perfection. 

Pink was definitely THE color of the night. I know Kacey's ruffles are controversial, but I really loved it. Lucy's purple looked regal and just dark enough for her. Gemma's dress I went back and forth on because of the fabric, but really it is AMAZING. This pale pink could not have been a more perfect color and fit to a t. 

Molly has never looked better, those cut outs bug a bit though. Emilia's dress was SO much better on stage. I hate when that is the truth, but it was better under stage light but still beautiful. I do not love the trim on the top of Constance's dress, but the color and cut is gorgeous. Love the red lip a la Michelle Williams. 

Octavia has the best stylist in town. Always looks so great! Marie Kondo was there for I am not sure what reason, but she looks gorg! Regina looked flawless and the styling was on point. 

Queen Latifa's dress is really cool. And Glenn slays in this caped gold number. Gaga looked incredible, but I am not sure I really loved it. Kind of boring. 

Brie looked insane. Did not love the hair and her dress gapped a bit of the side, but she looked amazing. Helen can DO NOT WRONG in my book. And I am forgetting this sweet lady's name, but I loooove her style. 

J. Lo is an enigma as we know in this amazing Tom Ford. I saw her hair on stage and it did not even look real. How dies she get it that shiny?! This is Tina's best look to date, perfect in every way for her. Jennifer looked amazing in this architectural red. You know I love a ruffle. 

I know not everyone will love Emma's dress, but it was amazing. The beading is crazy good and this is so her. Allison looks SO GOOD. I love this and her so much. Sarah's dress is so good. Different, but makes sense and again hot pink was the color of choice. 

Now on to the BAD...
I want to like this pink ruffle because Linda looked SO happy in it. But it just came off as a mess. Guilana, really there are no words for how lame this is. Marias dress is bananas. Literally. And her orange mermaid hair is not cute. 

Lisa is pretty flawless and her quirk gets her far, but this is strange on a new level. Red lace overlay is a tough look and this much of it is even tougher. Rachel went for something avant garde and it misses big time. The plastic top is such a head scratcher. 

Laura's beauty, hair and jewels are amazing, but this dress is so strange. Retro in a bad way and the color is what? Brown? Maya is so cool and funny. This was just too much print and over look. Maybe in a solid it would have worked. And Charlize. I love parts of this, but as a whole it completely falls apart. So covered up, the severe hair, the high neck, the strange fit of it all. Not great. 

What do you think????

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