Spring Break Skincare

Are you headed out soon? Whether to the snow or to the sun, skin always need some extra love when you travel. Mine tends to freak out upon arrival, then never really figures itself out again until well after being home. I will bring my usual regime, plus some other products to help me out. Mostly my travel staples revolves around how to avoid a sun burn/aging myself anymore and faking it in the most natural looking way. So besides my trusty (old lady?) hat and shades, these are what I am packing. 

1. I think I write about this sunscreen powder every year. It is THE BEST face sunscreen you will ever use and so long lasting. I wear it everywhere and it stays on while playing outdoors. 
2. These face pads are great for exfoliating and take you from pale af to bronzed up in a matter of hours. Totally natural looking too. 
3. When you want to wear make up, but do not want to wear sunscreen this setting mist is AMAZING. Just spritz after applying your make up and you are covered. 
4. The perfect balm that smells like vacation. 
5. Not organic or fancy, but this face stick is the best for kids. Stays on forever. 
6. Nothing feel fancier  and more soothing than a face mist
7. I am getting that brown lip line action from the sun now, so this lip screen has become a staple. 
8. I know it is probably filled with terrible things for me, but I never streak with Jergens and think the firming actually works a bit. 
9. The reviews for this Jet Lag Mask are raving. and I love the name of the brand, Summer Fridays. 
10. If you have not tried any Ouai hair products, do it! They smell like heaven and work amazingly. Love this travel kit with dry shampoo, wave spray, and hair/body oil. 
11. I wear this absolutely every day. It soothes, has just a hint of tint, and has real protection. 


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