Take the Time

Last night I decided to be selfish. Well, not really selfish, but have my own moment. A moment that was just about me. About relaxing my tired legs, abandoning my brain full of checklists, and refreshing my dull skin. 

While the kids were on iPads before dinner time, a common occurrence each night, I poured myself a bath and a glass of wine. I sprinkled the hot water with bath salt and painted on a charcoal mask. Then I climbed in and watched the RHOBH. I checked out. For thirty straight minutes, uninterrupted (thank you Apple). And it felt like I was doing something so incredibly decadent. Which is hilarious, right? But to leave so many other things left undone and just do what felt like what exactly was needed for me right then was a treat. Normally I would have been doing a combo of cooking, returning emails/texts, folding laundry, and general tidying up. 

But to leave all that  undone, unanswered, and waiting was a departure for me. 

It is tough since the modern woman is everything to everyone. Which is important and lovely and inspiring. But what we might all lack the most is fulfilling no role at all for a moment a day/week/month. Where you are doing a singular good for yourself and not anything else or for anyone else.  

Relaxing is tough knowing that there are emails that need to be answered, grocery lists to be made, laundry to be folded, new business to be won, and of course, the needs of the children. I have no complaints in doing any of these tasks, in fact I live for some of them. But the fact that there is a need to complete so many tasks in order to give me peace of mind is so lame. 

But last night I changed that. And it felt great and slightly powerful. It was not a convenient time for a moment for myself, but when is there ever. 

So my hope in sharing this is that you check in with yourself this weekend at some point. Stop all the life swirling around you and find what you might need. A quiet walk outside, a face mask and an extra long shower, a warm coffee and a magazine, your favorite workout class. Whatever it is, do it alone, do it for yourself, and turn off your phone. 

Happy Weekend. 

ps: In case you are wondering what products I used. This bath salt, and this pore cleaning mask. Then I slathered on my go to and spritzed on this rosewater mist that I am obsessed with. Oh, and I sipped this wine. a favorite. 

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