Random Things That Make Life Easier

Happy New Year! Do anything fun? We stayed in with the kids and did a countdown at 7pm. Perfect way to ring in the new year after the craziness of Christmas. 

And now January 2nd. I have been taking down decorations, tidying up, doing laundry, and it is making me think of resolutions. I generally do not make them and instead just try to focus on things that make me happy. This year I may make one simple one, stop slouching. Thinking that keeping my mind on it, this, and possibly this could help. We shall see. 

Another way to to sort of have a resolution, but not really, is to just try to make life easier. We all need that in some way, right? To save time, frustration, money, etc. I thought I would share a few things that are currently making my life a little easier in hopes to help any resolutions you may have this year. I would love to hear any of your life hacks too! 

1. In the rare case that I actually wash my hair, this towel takes so much time off the drying process. 
2. And when I do not wash my hair, this dry shampoo is the best. A quick spray even on the dirtiest of hair makes it easy to run out the door. 
3. These sweatpants are on sale and allow you to take lounging outside the house. Add sneaks and a cute sweater and it is is an outfit 
4. When I need to keep my eating/exercising on track I use this app. It automatically adds calories burned from your apple watch (or you can manually input workouts), then you add in what you eat. It has thousands of foods/brands/restaurants so super easy to keep track of everything accurately. 
5. We have drawers in our mudroom now where I do this, but using a basket (small or large) to store your kids clean and dirty socks by the shoes is a game changer. Sounds so simple, but to have a place to put their clean socks for easy reaching and to drop their dirty socks when they come in somehow changed my life 
6. Not new news, but this wet brush is the best for getting tangles out on adult and kid heads 
7. In the world of white countertops, it can be hard to leave things out to dry and not leave marks. This easily stored drying rack can sit on the counter to avoid those, but is also wide enough to use over your sink. Love it for my farm sink 
 8. If a resolution for you is to drink more water, get this. I love a yeti, but nothing helps you get down water all day more than this. And completely spill proof. I make myself drink a full one before coffee
9. These wireless earbuds are under $30 and do not fall out during runs. Makes working out SO much better
10. If you are trying to kick your Starbucks habit and making your own coffee at home, grab these cups. Makes it feel like you still hit up the coffee shop and they are easily tossed when done 
11. If reading is on the top of 2018 list, but finding the time is impossible. Try Amazon Audible. I have been listening to books in the car and on runs and getting through WAY more books. First one is free! 
12. BEST INVENTION EVER for moms and those with pets. Worth the investment I swear to you 
13. I love using this app to book fitness classes. My beloved pilates studio is on it, but there are tons of options to book/pay/explore classes in your area. 

whew, sorry, that was long. 

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