Checking In

Me. Being as bloggy as I can handle. 

2018 will mark my eleventh year blogging. 
Which blows my mind. 

So many of you have been with me since the very beginning. The bad photos and sometimes no photos! All the recipes that I loved coming up with (pre-kids was such a creative time in the kitchen). And the first day of this blog which was just a way to share style, beauty, and home inspiration and ideas. It has truly been a great outlet for creativity and sharing with a community of people that have always shown such love. 

Every single time I think I am going to throw in the towel I receive a text, email, message from a reader that sparks the motivation to keep going. Truly, it is eerie sometimes and makes me think that you all can sense when it seems like too much. 

The blog has never been my day job (I truly love my real one and taking care of my kids) and has never brought in a lot of money. I could have gone that direction with styled photo shoots and sponsored posts, but I always wanted to keep this space my own. No outside influence, just topics that I am actually researching or shopping for (or asked by a reader to look into). And while the more successful bloggers have beautiful professional photos and websites and mine has always felt amateur, it has always been real. No one is styling my mirror selfies, pretending to wear a fancy dress on a Tuesday during the day to sell it, or pushing me to post about a pair of shoes, it is just (amateur) me. 

This year I would love to find a way to keep this site true to what it has always been with a few upgrades. A redesign, a social media strategy so I can engage with more readers, a way to incorporate all that I do (real estate, styling, closet consults, interior design), and add video content (know anyone that can help me?!). It is a lot to take on and I want to be sure you will be with my for the ride. 

So what else would you love to see me write about or share with you? 
Would you like more videos via Instagram and the site? 
What are your favorite posts? 
Are you sick of blogs and being pushed content? 
Be Honest! 
Your feedback is what will make my little space on the internet relevant and I so hope you comment below or on this FB post so we can go into this together! 

Love you all. 


  1. As a fellow blogger, I completely understand what you are talking about. It's hard for me to talk about anything I don't absolutely love and truly believe in. I've also been in the exact same space of 'is any of this I'm doing really matter?' I then get the nicest text or encouraging email, etc. So, I suppose it does.

    As far as what I love to see from you, more design posts please specifically of what you've done with your own home. Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you! The blogger "job" is hard one to navigate, right? I am definitely planning more design posts. Trying to put them together in a way that is not too staged, but also pretty. Maybe some insta story tours and source posts this month.



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