All Things Holiday

Yep, it is happening. 

Thanksgiving is creeping up and Christmas is a mere six weeks away. Which is actually a legit amount of time, but my goal this year was to have the holiday cheer up and running earlier so that we can enjoy it more. Because let's get real, there is money being spent on all this madness so we better get as much out of it as we can. 

Let me remind you though that I am a less is more when it comes to decorations for holidays. 
Any holiday. 

Garland, wreath, candles, stockings, and maybe a fun bowl here or there. That is it. Just enough to make it special, but not enough to be a pain in the ass. 
Well, and the tree of course, but that doesn't count. 
I also love maybe one new fun serving dish or tabletop piece to spice the dinner table up. 
And last, but certainly cutest, the holiday pajamas for the kids.

In all honestly, I love a good Home Depot wreath that I add a nice bow to for the front door. But inside, I like to get one more nice one for the mantle or above a door. And there are some great alterna tree options this year.
1. Obsessed with this gilded olive branch wreath / 2. I love the retro feel of this pretty tree topper / 3. These are an investment, but would be perfect in an entry / 4. A real mini tree that comes to your door  in a pretty basket. Perfect for little ones / 5. Fresh Swags are so great above doors / 6. LOVE this magnolia wreath / 7. And the heather in this wreath make sit more femme / 8. This wreath hanger would be killer for over a dining table. Just add your favorite wreath with pretty ribbon / 9. Simple boxwood wreaths never tire / 10. These lighted twig wreaths just need some ribbon (under $20) / 11. This tree skirt has tiny black stitching

We have a few mantles at our house and they are my favorite to dress up a bit. These are all fun options
1. Faux lighted boxwood lights you could easily incorporate into a garland or wrap anything with. / 2. A sweet bunting sign  / 3. Raw wood trees to nestle in some garland / 4. Easily done light wall with these lights / 5. Faux lighted garland you can reuse every year / 6. I am sucker for a bow and I love these taper holders / 7. One or two of these on a table or mantle would be a showstopper /  8. Love this branch stocking holder  / 9. I live by these little battery powered string lights

For the table, just a little mix of modern and kitsch 
1. This pretty tiered marble tray would be great for cookies or apps / 2. Love this winterberry tablecloth. Or this / 3. This santa cookie jar reminds me of childhood in the best way. And these mugs / 4. Melamine Spode plates for the kids. They also have bowls. These are cute too/ 5. This sweet star bowl would be great for serving or even on its own / 6. This dish is genius! olives/nuts/cherries/edamme/candy in the top, pits/shells/stems/wrappers go in the slot. / 7. A simple white antler serving platter

Whether you match all the kids or not, there are some cute options for all 
Less expensive Hanna-esque stripes / Pretty Forest for bigs and littles / Soft Gingham / Plaid / Fair Isle for bigs and littles 

 And lastly, some matching stockings for the entire crew this year might nice
1. Magnolia plaid greatness and this / 2. Love a fuzzy / 3. Classic fair isle that comes in many colors / 4. Needlepoint at a great price / 5. Simple velvet for under $20 / 6. Preppy plaid / Fun stripe knit / 8. Burlap and quilted 


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