Best & Worst Dressed: Oscars 2017

 The red carpet action at the Oscars last night was a real head scratcher. While there were some I loved, I also felt like even those were a bit forgetful. No? There were certainly some that were not great, but maybe not so bad that you will remember its awfulness. There was bit of a sadness to the whole thing, but let's find some love in there shall we? 

MVP of the night and certainly on the best dressed list is Hailee Steinfeld. 

She not only was a ethereal beauty at the arrivals, she also killed it at the Vanity Fair party. She has pretty much been on the best lists since she hit puberty, so clearly her stylist is doing her job amazingly.

My other Bests for the night...
Nicole Kidman pulls off the nude look without being washed out for the first time in history and looks stunning. The red lip is everything. Viola went a bit safe, but the fit is flawless and the hair is so chic. While Georgina looks like she may pass out (feed her Harvey!), I love this dress so much. Black with that green velvet trim is so interesting and beautiful. 

Best continued...

I worship velvet and this old Hollywood glam look on Taraji makes me love it even more. The jewels and hear are also spot on. LOVE Olivia's dress. This is fringe done right in my opinion, which is so hard to do. Jessica's hair is unfortunate, but the dress is beautiful. The necklace is questionable, but somehow the whole look comes together. If Brie's hair was different, she might have been my #1. Again, velvet is my thing, so I knew I would like it, but the draping is so pretty. and I actually like the shape of the top (controversial I know!). The hair just does not fit for me. Love the lip. 

These gals did white right...

Chrissy looks stunning. Love this update to a cape/train that Darby (girl from Scandal) has on. Simple, but so so pretty. This French actress's name eludes me, but I love her dress and overall look so much. While the cape thing has been done and that ribbon on her hip bugs so bad, I do think Karlie looks great. Naomi's dress is not dressy enough, right? But I love it and those shoes. 

These are looks that were just a bit off for me. Not bad, but not quite right...
Green velvet is a toughie, but I like this on Busy. Somehow those curves of the dress are a bit off for me though. The size of the top of Emma's dress could be a bit bigger. Otherwise, so pretty. Kirstin's dress looks even better at different angles, but the top was awkwardly fit. Otherwise I love it. Michelle does not look dressed up enough for me. And her make up (or lack thereof?) looks off. Pretty, yes. But she could have done better. 

Alicia wore two different looks like Hailee last night. 
I like the green she wore to the Vanity Fair party better than her Oscar dress. It is nothing to write home about, but ok. This black dress is a bit too saloon gal for me with the corset and ruffles. And the hair confuses me so much. This pains me because I have such a girl crush on her! 

 Emma also changed...
So the gold oscar look was pretty, but just not the right dress for her. She looks so great in bright and bold colors and this is kind of sad. The proportion of the fringe feels strange to me. And then she wins and changes into a blazer and slip dress, which I am a huge fan of. But NOT FOR AN OSCAR WINNER! Good lord, throw on the most bad ass gown you can find and celebrate lady! 

Scarlett went with too much volume for both looks and that cape?button down?sleeve? is so strange on her vanity fair look. The hair for the Oscars was also weird. 

These two ladies in red...

To be fair, Ginnifer was sad about Bill Paxton, so that explains the face. But this dress is just all together too much. And that hair, I will never understand it. I actually like the other red on Ruth. But along with the red eye, red lip, red hair piece, and red earring, it is a no. 

In other news...
How is it possible to dress two of the smallest people that walk the earth in unflattering gowns??? I saw Charlize's dress at other angles and it looked even worse. Felicity's could be so pretty too, but the color washes her out and the waist clearly is not showing her skeleton frame well enough. ha

And to round out the worst...
Halle had a lot of hair going on, which fine. But the dress is cheesy and that weird sash hanging down bugs. Janelle went for it, which I appreciate. But it is too much. The volume, all the texture/applique, the neck piece, the crown, the illusion. It is too much look for sure. Oh Dakota. Let's start with the hair, which is very Little House on the Prairie. Then the WRINKLED vintage gown. Which on it's own may have worked? Probably not, but with the hair it is a mess. And Leslie, I love the color, I even love the volume. But it is just too much volume and that extra tie bow in the front kills me. Love her hair and make up per usual. 

Just because I cannot help myself...
Selma has little girl hair and did she have a facelift? She is so pretty! Why oh why would be mess with a face like that! And Kristen is painfully small. I hate to shame anyone, but it is hard to look at and I know for a fact she does not eat cheeseburgers. Or probably cheese for that matter. 

The Vanity Fair Party has some memorable looks. Both good and bad...

RHW Slays
Even with a bump. 

I loved all of these sparkly numbers. I know Thandie's is a bit out there, but I love shape and embellished shoulders. You know I hate an illusion, but somehow this one feels fun and ready for a dance party. Allison looks painfully thin, wow. But This dress is so pretty and I love her make up (hope she had in n out there). Amanda has been missing the mark lately, bit this simple dress is so fun in metallic. J Anniston vamps it up and pulls off wearing her hair down and straight to a black tie event like no other. 

I loved all of the long sleeves. I would wear any of these in a hot second. Kelly is a bit out of the box in her tux and I like it. 

Two feminine looks I loved. Kate went full princess and looks like Grace Kelly. Not one other person on earth could convince me that this dress was pretty, but Kate does. Even that strange skirt portion feels right for spinning on the dance floor. 

And of course there were some that I will remember for the wrong reasons...
Ah, I love Mindy but this is horrible. Jessica went for a I dream of jeanie/50s housewife robe look? Not diggin it. You know I love Diane, but that sash hanging there makes me angry. And Gabrielle is a beautiful gal, but a half gown/half bikini is a no. 

Thoughts? Would love to hear from you! 

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