Channeling Capri

Many years ago, in a lifetime far away, Matt and I spent 5 glorious days in Capri. It was the last leg of our honeymoon. We lounged on our terrace overlooking the Med, ate three course meals at least twice a day, roamed the cobble stone streets while eating gelato, and took breezy salt aired boat rides. 
And frankly does not even sound real now as I sip cold coffee and watch it drizzle outside. We will go back one day we always say. Which I believe and will of course look forward to. Even if it is a decade or more from now. 
I remember we shopped a bit while we were there, but I only really treasure one piece from that trip. A pair of handmade sandals I bought from the sweetest little Italian man who also gave us great advice on where to eat lunch that day. I have not worn them much in the last few years, but simple leather sandals are having a moment right now and they have come out of hiding. 

I even found a very similar pair on Shopbop. I did some more browsing and found some other options that I am loving. A clean modern sandal that will stand the test of time. They look great with summer dresses and cuffed jeans. It makes skipping heels (which I do more often then not these days) a much easier decision and elevates errand running and pool trips. 

5. Vince


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