Best & Worst Dressed: Oscar 2016

This was by far one of the best Oscar red carpets in years. Everyone (well, almost) kind of killed it. Lots of colors, chic silhouettes, and full on glamour. Another thing was that most of the ladies were dressed in looks that really felt like them. While we know most of these looks are custom, the designers can sometimes get carried away. A lot of ladies really found their best matched dress and the results were beautiful. 

Let's start with the crème de la crème...

From Left: Saoirse couldn't be more stunning in this emerald Calvin Klein. Love her hair and make up too. Charlize could lose the hair flip, but the dress and necklace are killer. Brie softened things up in Gucci, don't love the hair, but the dress more than makes up for it. You know I am a sucker for any 70s glam and Margot even throws in a hassled clutch, so of course its one of the top. 

Alicia was so sweet when she won and this Louis Vuitton couldn't have been more perfect. Cate slays per usual. This dress looked like it was tailored on her body, was an absolute piece of art, and her hair and make up were perfection. Only Olivia could get away with something so simple, but this Stella McCartney was so gorgeously fitted and the color suited her. Jen showed up looking like a real life movie star. Love it. And Naomi's Armani looked even better on camera. She seems to always get it right these days. 

And there were plenty of other beauties on the red carpet. Not quite at the top, but definitely note worthy. First these ladies in white...
I love Isla and this gown is so perfectly matched with that pony and red lip. I am luke warm on pants and the fit of this, but if anyone can pull it off it is LG. This is the see through dress done right on Priyanka. 

Black was also represented well. 
Mindy (who I am obsessed with) has never looked better, love her dress. Eddie Redmayne's wife always looks so chic and this is perfect for her bump. Julianne is usually at the top of my list and this was close, but there was something heavy about this dress that bugged a little bit. But you can hardly go wrong with custom Chanel, right? Kate has been so boring on almost every carpet and while this is still kind of boring, I love the unexpected fabric and her hair and make up. 

Blue and purple were also popular
Reese didn't wow me in this, but she did get to wear Oscar de la Renta and it is beautiful. Though Sofia is wearing a strapless dress for the 1000th time, this is a slight departure and she pulls it off. Tina has never looked better. This dress and that insane necklace was a gorgeous choice. Patricia is the night's most improved. She is usually in some mess, but she looked great in this 

These silver looks were all almost perfect
I love a classic Vivienne Westwood and this is beautiful on Lily. Love the shoes too. After I saw this Chanel on stage, Daisy really belongs at the top of the list. It sparkled and was insanely gorgeous. Charlotte kills it in this Armani, the shoes are questionable but she knows how to dress. 

Now while it is hard because even the worst dressed looked kind of good, there were some dresses that could have been better. 
I had predicted this Valentino to be on the carpet and loved it, but the way it is glued onto Olivia's chest and paired with this choker (why or why are chokers back?!) ruins it. Rachel's dress looks like an off the rack backless prom dress a 18 year old would beg her mom to wear because she knew it was a little too slutty. The wrinkles on the fabric kill me too. Jennifer's is not terrible, but I just do not like it. Not even sure why exactly, maybe too lingerie-ish? Love her hair and make up though. Rooney is once again dressed as the bride of frankenstein. Why does her hair have to be SO severe every time?! 

Heidi always just goes a little far, right? This purple mess is no exception. Kerry looks like she is wearing a costume, I do not get it at all. Amy is dressed three decades too old for her! She is so much cooler and young than this. And Emily's could be good, but the top cheapens it and is not fitted right. She looks so pretty besides that. 

Dying to know what you thought??? Did I miss any of your favorites? 

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