Alive and Well

Hello there. How is your January going? 
Besides the cold, it has been pretty positive over here. The last few winters have been filled with sick kids and not enough sleep, and this year has been much more fun. So while zero degrees is not cool, healthier kids and well rested adults make up for it big time. 
There have been lots of cozy dinners and Netflix time, and besides that here is what is on my favorites list...

1. Can't wait for these new sneaks to arrive at my door step. A little something to make the winter more fun. 
2. I picked up these jeans at the J. Crew outlet and have worn them every day since. They feel like comfy leggings, but wear like worn in jeans. Size down if you order them. 
3. This miracle product is great for kids and adults. I keep one at the sink and slather on hands and feet. Got the idea from my BFs, Julia and Victoria
4. A couple pairs of these socks make for cozy pattering around the house. 
5. Finally signed up for Docusign and it is changing my professional life. If you work with contracts and signatures for your work, do not delay and get on board. 
6. Making popcorn on the stove is my favorite snack and this "all natural" (whatever that means) white cheddar seasoning is delicious. 
7. I am slowly running out of non-tech things for my kids to do in this weather. For some reason the act of writing something and erasing it is magical to them. These cards have come in handy. 
8. Have you been watching Downton??? I have cried during every episode. Loving the dowager's zingers this season and Mary's new handsome love interest. And can Anna please have a baby?!
9. I was over my mismatched dish towels, so I ordered this set and love them. They double as napkins and are cheap enough to throw out and just reorder when needed. 
10. I have been using this Honest oil after the shower for both me and the babes to fight this insane dry skin. I love the smell and it feels luxurious without the big price tag. Like this one I have been eyeing. 
11. If you follow my Instagram, you already know my obsession with this bread recipe. I am possibly one of the world's worst bakers, and I swear this bread recipe is fool proof, only requires three ingredients, and insanely easy. Try it! 


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