Can't Live Without, Neat Girl Edition

For this week's Can't Live Without, we have the pleasure of reading about what some of the Neat Method girls are loving right now. If you are unfamiliar with this genius, savvy, and highly effective company, now is the time to get to know them. Neat assists clients with everything from closet organization to full house moves and everything in between. They are located in twelve cities across the country, but will also travel to help you with your needs. I was lucky enough to use them for closet organization when we moved and it was amazing. Not only are these girls great at their job, they are women entrepreneurs killing it at helping people live more organized and sane lives. 

So let's see what a few of the Neat ladies Can't Live Without right now…

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, AZ Neat Girl
1. Macbook
2. Sparkling Rose (when not pregnant) Sparkling Water (when pregnant)

Julia Purdy, Columbus, OH Neat Girl
5. Glambox Tall Tstand for all your long necklaces and layering pieces 

Marissa Hagmeyer, South Florida Neat Girl

Katie Koentje, San Diego, CA Neat Girl

Brooke Ruder, Chicago, IL Neat Girl
1. Lattice Bins for scarves, hats & gloves

Thank you girls! Happy weekend everyone! 

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