Current Skin Routine

Though I professed my problem with being a product junkie before, I have recently started simplifying my routine. While I used to dabble in dozens of products on a weekly basis, I am currently down to just a few. My skin has seen better results and I feel like I can really see the affects of each product much clearer. Here is my current day and night line up. 

Good Morning…

1. I worship this sunscreen. It packs a punch with plenty of protection, plus a wide range of anti-aging ingredients. It is insanely light and I let it soak in while I brush my teeth. If I only put one thing on, it is this. SuperGoop City Serum $20

2. Glossier is making some kick ass products. I actually love all of them, but this moisturizer is great for daytime. You can layer on based off how dry your skin may feel that morning and it helps with even skin tone. Priming Moisturizer $25

3. One of the best drugstore finds, this BB cream evens everything out without feeling like a heavy make up. The extra SPF is a great bonus. Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream Anti Aging $12

4. You have to find the right color that works for you, but this Bobbi Brown cheek and lip duo lasts and makes me look way more rested than I might be. And it lasts forever. $27

5. Though I am trying to go more fresh faced and make up free, mascara is essential. And Dior never fails. This DiorShow Iconic Overcurl makes you look awake and polished. $28 

6. I discovered this DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo when it was suggested by a lovely lady in this post (one of my favorites) and my old dry shampoo was ditched immediately. My hair can last well into the week with a few sprays each morning. $14

 Good Night…

1. I love a cleanser that is gentle, but can also take off make up and grossness from my day. This Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel does not dry out your skin, but gets the job done. $36

2. My dermo has me on a very strong hydroquinone and rentinol prescription for my melanoma and anti aging right now. Which my skin cannot take every day. On off days I either use no serum or this Algenist Retinol firming & lifting serum. I used it religiously before I was put on a Rx and the results were real. It is pricey, but you use just a tiny bit each night so it lasts. $98

3. And speaking of pricey, nothing make me happier than finding a drugstore gem that I love. Though I am not as good as I should be about natural products, I love this Neutrogena Natural moisturizer. It has tons of good for your skin ingredients and gives me that extra moisture I need at night. $11

4. I switch between the Neutrogena moisturizer and La Mer depending on my current skin condition. Talk about high low! But this one jar of La Mer has lasted a very long time and when my skin is extra dry it feels so great. There is a reason everyone swears by it, but it is really best for dry skin. $85

5. Eye cream can basically save your life. So if you are not patting on any at night, get with the program, lady. My current favorite, which I think does its job really well, is Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. It combats dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. $65

6. My hands take a beating each day and regular manicures are just happening right now. I massage in this Glossier Balm Dotcom to my cuticles each night and it helps keep my hands in top shape minus the professionals. $12

Any products you are swearing by lately? You know I can't resist. 


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