Secret Lives of Moms: On Beauty

It can be very hard in the craziness of life (Mom or not) to find the time to make yourself look and feel great. Moms have the added bonus of little sleep and little people running around their feet when they are trying to get ready in the morning. So that makes them also a great resource for beauty products. They have had to streamline their routines and maximize the little time they do have to get ready. Plus, you really appreciate what makes you feel great inside and out when you have 5 seconds to get ready or pamper yourself. So this week's question is….

What is the one beauty product that you swear by to make you feel great and why?

It was hard for everyone to choose just one, and there are definitely some repeats which shows how great some of these products really are. Here is what a few Moms had to say…

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"My Shu Uemura eye lash curler. Even with dark circles under my eyes and a puffy face, it makes me feel so much better. I use it even if I am not leaving the house, it feels like I made some effort and does not require me to wash my face after. So lazy! "

"I love blush.  If I do just one beautifying thing, it's liberally apply blush. I feel like it makes my face look alive.  I was using Nars in the color Orgasm for years and just recently purchased Chanel's powder blush in the color Malice."

"Just one?  Not possible!  Call me high maintenance...  First -- Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo.  Let's be honest.  I *maybe* wash my hair twice a week.  This dry shampoo gets me from wash to wash without looking too oily.  Fresh.  Second -- Bobbi Brown Corrector.  This is a must for moms who don't have the luxury of a full night's sleep.  Layer underneath your regular concealer.  Magic.  Lastly, YSL Glossy Stains #17 (pink) or #32 (red) depending on your mood.  Long-lasting wear like a stain, yet with the shine and texture of a gloss.  Perfection!"

"Mascara. Thank God for mascara."

"I can't choose just one. It's Lancôme Definicils mascara and Nars Orgasm blush. They make me feel like a human. Unfortunately I only use them when I'm going out, out. Maybe I should use them more!"

"I love my Jo Malone red roses perfume so much. It smells like roses (duh) and makes me feel fresh even if I'm not actually. Also my Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara. I'm way too lazy to do a lot of eye makeup these days. With some fun mascara it looks like I'm a little bit alive."

"Every night before I get into bed, I put lotion on my hands, and most nights I use L'Occitane shea butter hand cream.  The smell is soft and subtle, and it instantly goes to work.  Between frequent hand washes (due to lots of diaper changes!) and the colder weather, my hands take a beating.  This hand cream helps fend off chapped and cracked skin, and it's one of the simplest and most luxurious parts of my nighttime routine."

"Rosehip seed oil! I use it morning and night after washing my face. I love the way it makes my skin feel. "

"For decades I have held strong that the one item I couldn't live without is black eyeliner (preferably a MAC pencil). I have always felt that bringing my eyes to life was the most essential of necessities. However, as I "mature" and the tired signs of motherhood begin to wear on my face, my must-have item is Clé de Peau Beauté concealerThis little magic stick is stupid expensive ($70/stick), but I just can't live without it-- smooth application, amazing coverage, moisturizing, no creases, evens tone and leaves smooth photo-ready finish. It's THE BEST! "

"I am newly obsessed with the  Yves Saint Laurent 'Forever Youth Liberator' Eye Zone Serum. Makes my eyes feel soft, smooth and literally glow! I put it on under my Touche Eclat in the morning. (FYI girls, they changed their shades so if you use this chances are you are a different number now! I went from a 2 to a 2.5 ) Its great during the day you can place it on over your existing concealer and blend for a touch up. "

"I'm in love with Josie Maran's Argan oil. My mother-in-law bought it for me last year and I swear my skin has never been better. After a long day nothing feels better then washing off my makeup and slathering it on my face. I love the way it gives my skin a natural glow! "

"I swear by my Rodan and Field Make up Remover Eye Clothes that remove all makeup and fill wrinkles at night!! I use their Multi Function eye cream which has been a saving grace for tired eyes and puffiness in the mornings. Love my Bare Minerals Loose powder since I no longer need concealer for my eyes since the eye cream is so amazing."

"Most days I have barely enough time to get a shower in before my husband leaves for work and the children rise for the day. And most days we leave the house to get chores done, or a child to school or a class. I've found that throwing on Lauren Mercier tinted moisturizer, MAC lipgloss, and some mascara make me look less like a dowdy old housewife and a little more put together!"

"My toothbrush? My stretch mark lotion? Nipple nursing cream? Sitz bath? Okay, okay, actually I really like Philosophy Purity Face Wash because it comes in a large pump bottle for the shower. Least expensive during the Nordstrom's anniversary sale!"

"I would say the Benefit lip stain/tint.  I am terrible reapplying lipgloss so I like that this give me a little bit of color when I don't have time to give that much effort."

"My "Wand" hair curler is great! I can curl my hair with it and then go a few days without washing it and will have perfect beachy waves. "

"Mascara. I generally don't wear much makeup, but a little mascara everyday makes me feel semi put together even if I'm not leaving the house. My go-to for years has been Maybelline Full & Soft in Very Black. Never flakes off and washes off easy with soap and water at the end of the day."

"Mine is my Cle de Peau Concealer - it covers up my bags and everything else!"

"My favorite beauty product right now is an oldie but goodie, my 3/4 inch curling iron. I've let my hair grow since becoming a mom, mostly because I can't make it to the salon as frequently. I let my hair air-dry then I put some curls in. I call it my beachy/professional look. The best part is that the texture allows me to go longer without washing and coloring. Break out your old curling iron! Oh, and my Laura Mercier under eye concealer. I can't leave the house without it."

"I have a serious obsession with mascara. No matter how tired I am or how terrible I feel, a little mascara can make my day. Nothing is better than using a new one for the first time too. I like to change my brand of mascara every time I get a new one though, I think it helps my lashes to stay stronger. I just finished Dior Show (always a fave) and picked up Cover Girl Last Blast...best $10 mascara out there!"

"Ok, so I feel like I need 3 to feel normal...these all go hand in hand.  First I have to have moisturizer on otherwise I feel as if my face will crack to pieces...especially now in the winter.  Then I swear by my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and her Blush in Rose Bloom.  She's just so dependable! "

"Either Vita Liberata Tan Mousse, a little tanner can perk up the gloomiest of days and if you can't tone it, tan it! Or Jurlique Rosewater Face Mist. Not only smells great but is refreshing and gives your skin a nice glow. "

Clearly everyone likes looking bright eyed with glowing skin. Cannot wait to try so many of these! 


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