Wall of Love

I have lagged a bit on getting our Christmas cards out this year. But thankfully, many people have not. 

This year I wanted to display the cards that are so lovingly sent from those from near and far. Ideally in a place everyone could see them and the kids could pick out friends and family's faces. I had lofty DIY goals that involved string and stars and washi tape. 

And just like every other pinned DIY and bookmarked design blog challenging me to be creative and resourceful, it never happened. 

When the cards started arriving, I decided I did not need anything fancy, just some scotch tape and blank space. So the side of the fridge has become the Wall of Love. A once blank space has started to fill with the pictures of chubby baby cheeks and wide eyed toddlers. Of loving parents, very proud grandparents and tinseled homes. And when each day the wall gets covered more, it makes me a little teary.

There is so much love, so much joy, and so much to be grateful for when I look at that wall. What a beautiful reminder of those that love us and their happy lives. That they are feeling joy and love and special moments together. It really makes the season even more special. 

There is much to be celebrated, and not just in our own lives. But every one's. 

We all have complications, stresses, tragedy, and disappointment. Some more than others. But 'tis the season to be joyful. To be grateful. And to celebrate all the love.  Because there is a lot of it happening all around us. 

And that perfect display is not missed. In fact, the imperfection of it all makes it even more lovely. And I cannot wait to fill it even more. 

Happy Weekend

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