Reading Nook for Tommy

I so wish I had a before picture of his room. Not that there was huge changes in this corner, but there certainly a big impact with just a few added pieces. Tommy has built-ins in his closet, but there is only one shelf he can reach and a toddler has a hard time picking a book based solely on the spines. I should know, since he loves playing the "let me take my sweet time picking a book so I can stay up later" game. Plus, there was always a giant pile of books next to the chair that was a complete mess. So I searched for a few solutions and came up with these photo ledges from Ikea. 

They come in white and black and are super easy to install. We hung them low for little people and now he has his own "library" we can switch books in and out of easily. 

Tommy also needed a new lamp since his last one broke. There is no overhead lighting in his room currently, so it needs something that will illuminate most of the room (there is a table lamp in the opposite corner). So when I came across this industrial style floor lamp when I went to get the photo ledges, I was psyched. 

This is the bronze color, but it also comes in a very dark gray. Now he has an even better place for night time stories with us and he loves that the lamp has a floor button to turn it on and off. It is basically a club in there during the day. 

He is still in a crib, but when it is time to move to the big bed, I cannot wait to paint and get some more toys/organization in his room. Then he should be good for many years to come. 


PS: The rug is from Dwell Studio (discontinued), Ottoman from Burke Decor, Chair from Ikea


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