Home Alone

(Me, this weekend. Minus the limo add an uber)

Matt and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary this weekend. Kind of surreal. 

My parents just left after a long visit and even just a couple days from their departure, I am mourning the company and the round the clock assistance with the kids. They truly are present when they are here and the kids had a ball with them. 

And to prove that my kids have the best grandparents ever, my mother in law is taking care of the kids this weekend at her place. Which means we have an empty house for 48 hours. 

We have never been home for an extended time without both kids under our own roof. It is going to be glorious. No schedule, no wake up call, no nap time to work around, or nannies to hire. Just whatever we want to do and I do not have to vacate the house. 

To say I am psyched is an understatement. 

Hope you get some glory out of your weekend too. 

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