What to Wear

When you get married your husband becomes your roommate for life. And while I love living with Matt, I miss the days of having a girlfriend down the hall to raid her closet and give me an opinion of what to wear. I got a taste of this again when I was with my friends in LA and it was so fun trying on outfits, dressing each other up, and giving the honest truth. And I could use some help with my choice for a Friday night out with my friends to celebrate the birthday. Can you help a girl out? 

Choice #1: White tank & Leather mini

Would add some bangles and cuffs and stick to the white, black, and gray palate. 

Choice #2: Navy chiffon top & pink skinnies

This top is actually see through with an open back, so I could wear a lacey cami to sass it up in back. It is actually on sale now in pale pink

Choice #3: White tank & Neon striped bandage skirt

Not sold on my shoe choice with this, but could switch it up with some pink pumps. 

So ladies, which should I choose? Would love your opinion! 




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