In another episode of, "why did I not think of that?" let me introduce you to Hukkster.  This company is making your online shopping even more amazing. 

They cover hundreds of retailers and will notify you when something you want goes on sale. Almost all the stores that I usually am shopping on have it available. You can use it on your computer, like above. Or download the app to your phone/tablet. 

On your phone it works a bit like Tinder (not that I am on it, but so I have heard. ha) by giving you the option of swiping through retail options and seeing if you want to "Hukk" it or not. Which means that if you do Hukk it, then you will get a notification that your item goes on sale the minute it does. You can also search through your favorite sites right from the website or app and then "Hukk" it  from there. So let's say you are looking for a dress for a wedding, while you online shop for it you can Hukk the ones you like and be notified via email or a push notification if any of them go on sale. 

Kind of genius, right? It is a little hard to explain, so I would encourage you to download the free app and start playing. It is kind of addictive. As if online shopping could be any more so. 


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