Friendship in Your 30s

Someone shared (and then I followed) this article about Being a BFF in your 30s. BFF seems silly to use in our 30s, first off, but the article itself brought to light so many things that I have been thinking about lately. Whether you have kids, a demanding career, a relationship, a time consuming extended family, or any of the other thousand things that make your world go round, friendship gets trickier and trickier. 

The article points out that in your 20s you have nothing but time to hang out, spend quality time on the phone catching up, and generally feeling like you really are a BFF (oh how I miss all those boozy, lazy brunches). As time marches on and life begins to get complicated, that time once spent is missed and makes you feel like much less than the friend you once were. But what does emerge (and what is important to concentrate on) from less time spent connecting is the greater bond of having friends that are there no matter what. 

Even if you have not seen them in a few months, even if you have not been able to return their call as fast as you would like, even if you feel that you are in different stations in life, it does not matter. Because when you do get that time together or that phone call is placed at the perfect time or you text back and forth all night, it is just as that friendship always has been. Deep, genuine, and meaningful. 

Time is such a radical thing now and oh so precious. As are the friendships that we care so much about and will develop over the course of our lifetime. I would like to think that those in my life will always be whether it be seeing each other every week, every year, or every decade.  

Tomorrow I get to connect with friends that have been in my life for over two decades and though my time with them is always limited, it means everything to me when those moments happen. Though as women we tend to beat ourselves up about not doing enough in everything we do, sometimes it is nice to just relax and feel confident that you are a great friend no matter the amount of time you get to spend together. And you are the person that your friends support and want to hang out with. Preferably with a nice glass of wine. 

Happy weekend to all the girlfriends out there. Especially mine, who I cherish so much. 

PS: How much does that photo make you want to Shag this weekend? 

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