Cannes, So Far

Seeing stars on the red carpet makes me more jealous than any other event. Mostly because it mixes the undeniable amazingness that is the South of France with crazy fashion that I would die to wear. But also because it has such a glamorous history of screen legends and fashion icons. It is also a little more fun because there are multiple events over the span of a couple of weeks, so you get to see so many different looks on those attending. Shall we take a look....

I already told you my obsession with Zoe's Victoria Beckham dress. So simple and chic in a sea of sequins. Her Valentino min dress is pretty sassy and I like the bow. This Jason Wu is a disappointment, though. Feels old for her and that scarf action kills me. 

 Ok, Blake Lively, we get it. You are amazing. Between the bod, the man, the smile, and the style, she pretty much looks like something drawn up in a Disney movie. All of these looks are incredible. I especially love the Giambatista Valli mini dress, it looks effortless with her tan and flowing (that-can't be real, right?) hair.  And the black and white Gucci makes her into the movie star that she really isn't. Beautiful. 

Then there is the Queen of Everything, Cate. Though Blake looks lovely, no one can touch Cate and her couture perfection. Now, I have to say that I loathe the red and blue number, but she somehow can pull that off in her world. That Valentino (the first on the left) is truly stunning. As is the Armani Prive in the middle. The lady just knows how to take it just enough to the edge to be interesting yet stay pretty for the masses. 

DRAMA! That wind swept gown feels staged next to a fan, but it certainly shows the beauty of it. Her shoes are gross, though. The royal blue number on the other hand is perfection. If I was her, I would only wear this color around the clock every day. Hair, jewels, everything is perfect. 

Julianne Moore is one of my favorite actresses. She seems like the kind of girl you want to go have drinks with, right? Her style, although quirky at times, is usually great. But it might take a second because of the risks she takes. The first two here are big misses for me. I took a second and I still hated it. The mix of fabrics on the left is strange and the cut and length of the lavender dress is awkward. The green is gorge, her hair and accessories are great. I wish she would have killed on the red carpet, though. 

I really love the pink on Naomi with the necklace at Calvin Klein's party. The long necklace is fresh and not too heavy. The blue is meh. I get everyone wants to be Grace Kelly in Cannes, but the princess/prom thing is not chic. That weird thick necklace is so confusing, too. She was really into the side pony on this trip. 

I consider these ladies the worst in Cannes, so far. Sorry, but not great. Adriana threw on a sarong over her bustier and forgot the rest of her dress. Jennifer Lawrence was forced to wear Dior again and this was all that was left. Her earrings and hair are awesome, though. A mock turtleneck, Eva, really? That is such a weird slash in the dress too. Hair and make up on the other hand, love. 

Excited to see some more in the next few days. Who did I miss that you loved/hated? 


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