Alexander & Company

I visited the super charming home of a friend last week and she had the sweetest wedding present hanging on her wall. At first glance these prints look like any other vintage print, but really they are custom made for the bride and groom to remember their day in a special way. 

They also have fantastic save the date cards and post cards. 

They are made by a local Chicago company called Alexander & Company. You simply fill out the information (including hair color for the bride & groom print, how cute is that?) and you have a custom print for a wedding gift. They come in many sizes and range in price from $200-$500 depending on printing and size. There are a bunch of options to choose from, so something for every couple. 

And as if that is not cute enough, I am kind of obsessed with these prints for kids rooms or nurseries. 

So fun, right?! Would look great in a kid's room or part of a gallery wall in a hallway. 

Love when I come across great finds in my own friends' houses. Thanks Ali! 


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