Spring Scary: White Jeans

White jeans have always been one of those style staples that I admired from afar. I could never find a flattering enough pair to buy. I have nightmares of some of the dressing room sessions looking for these jeans. But this Spring (post baby and all), I wanted to actually find a pair that I can feel comfortable in and that flatter me. We all know denim is very personal. What works on one girl, can be horrid on another. So I can not say that I found the perfect white jean, but I have for me and they just might be for you as well. 

I started by trying every single pair at Neiman Marcus. Not kidding, it was a mountain of defeat with too much overhead lighting and wondering who the hell can wear some of these cellulite highlighting, too short/too long, and usually much too thin of fabric, jeans. 

 Then finally, after a second and third opinion, I came across the best white jeans. 

7 for all Mankind The Skinny Slim Illusion jean ($168). And while I wish my legs looked this great in them (how are they so baggy on her?!), I wanted to give you a more realistic look on my non-model, much shorter/muscular legs. Please excuse the iphone selfie situation.

I plan on getting these hemmed on the bottom so they lay flat and will look better with flats. The thing that sets this pair apart from all the others is the fabric. It is a little thicker to help not show everything and it has a great stretch. I have not bought a pair of 7s in years and I was loving whatever this "slim illusion" thing is they have going on. While I am not sure I will be rocking white jeans ever with total confidence, these certainly were worth the hunt and will help me get there. 

They are available at Neimans and Shopbop

What pair have found?  

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  1. This post cracked me up - you look darling! My favorite pair are my Joes straight leg. I love that they run long - I always need that extra length.



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