Tick Tock Tick Tock

Still waiting.... No baby.... But it is feeling close. I have about four working brain cells that are not focused on preparing myself for another newborn and the little guy, so posting has just not been happening. I know you understand and in the meantime, here are a few random thoughts to start our Monday...

Not really a thought, more like a prayer for this baby for Fall

Emerald is so still such a fun color and I think this bag would be fantastic with a sweater, skinnies and boots. 

This link on Puzzling Pictures of Leo made me laugh. How creepy is this one?? 

Wanderlusting to my favorite tropical resort

So in love with Nate and Jeremiah. There house is so chic and Jeremiah has seriously stepped up in the world since working for RZ, right? 

I have been making recipes to freeze so we have some options once the baby is here. This Stuffed Chicken with proscuitto, cheese and spinach is a great one. 

Adding shearling to denim vest makes me want one even more. 

Hope your weekend was fab and I will keep you posted of any news! 

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