Packed Up

Still waiting! That whole myth that if your first is early, so will your second has been proven wrong over here. All things considered, I am not miserable and happy to have my parents here helping me with the little guy. I have been packed for the hospital for a really long time. With my first being three weeks early and not having anything packed, I decided to get a bag together a couple weeks ago. Now it stares at me from the corner of my room reminding me that things have not happened. Here is what I packed. As you can see, Tommy helped me out...

For the Baby 
Swaddling Blanket: A cuter one that what the hospital has
Going Home outfit with hat
Baby Book: Have them put the footprints right in the book after delivery

To Pass the Time 
Bluetooth wireless speaker: I liked music during my last delivery
iPhone charger
Camera & Lens: Double checked it is fully charged
Kindle: To try and stay off my iPhone while nursing
Kind Bars: Your own snack is nice if you are starved after delivery

For Mama
Toiletries: I also bring a touch of makeup since there are so many pictures 
Lanolin & Nursing Pads: Because your nipples will hurt and leak 
Comfy PJs: With easy access for nursing and cute enough for company
Eye Mask: Because the lights never get turned off in your room
Nursing Bra: Something soft, Target has great options
Stretchy Tanks & Pants: Surprise, surprise the belly is still there
Belly Bandit: It can't hurt
Slippers: So you can leave your room for a walk if you want to
Monogrammed Hospital Gown: I got this as a gift, it is such a cute idea
Fuzzy Socks: A little extra comfort

What am I missing? Anything that you brought that you are so glad you did? 



  1. Julie26.8.13

    Wish I had brought my boppy! Lainey was a picky nurser at first and wish I had brought it! OH and my own pump b/c they had me pump right away.... but maybe b/c she was a 36weeker? IDK but looks great!! Can't wait to see that little face.

  2. Oh my gosh this post is making me want another one....! good luck Erin, such a special time.

    I agree with Julie, loved having my boppy! I also had my pillow from home and if you are delivering at Good Shepard bring a fav nail color. You'll get a pedi (if you want one) and I did not really like their color options. I'm also kind of weird about nail color though so you may be just fine.

    What else....feels like I just did this! Love your snack idea. My sister brought me a whole thing of freshly ground organic peanut butter and I ate it BY THE SPOON within a day. So starving. Oh how about a little notepad? Family and friends brought me gifts in the hospital which was so sweet but it was kind of a blur once I got home who gave me what.

    I'll stop there - again, good luck to you! So so exciting.



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