Birthday Wish List

Given that my birthday is on Thursday, I thought I would put together what I am currently coveting and hope that people are feeling extra generous this year. This birthday seems caught in the mix of a lot and I am not really that interested in it. Between being pregnant, hanging out with the little man, and preparing for the baby, I just have other things on my mind. I guess that is what happens in older age, birthdays start to lose their luster. That does not mean that a fun gift is not in order. Here is what is on my list. 

1. Hermes is kind of always on the list
2. This print from Etsy is just something I keep coming back to. Great for my gallery wall. 
3. Some new (inexpensive) riding boots for the the Fall 
4. I love these Peter Dunham Fig Leaf pillows from Etsy
5. Don't these Prada loafers look comfy? 
6. Already post about this painting, but I still love it. 
7. I know everyone has pinned/blogged about it, but I think Claire Vivier is so fun. 

Nothing like some retail dreaming to start a Monday. 

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