Spring Break Recap

It has taken more than a few days to get back to reality. Coming down from the high of constant sunshine and the ever present sound of waves crashing is even harder when it is 35 outside. All you can do is hope it happens again. Soon. So what was I up to the last two weeks in Florida?

I finally got to wear the Prabal Gurung for Target dress that I picked up the last time I needed milk. It just needed a belt and some warm weather. 

I really do not get past reading magazines when I am at home, but I took full advantage of nap times by finally reading the book that has been looming on my bedside tables since Christmas. 

I LOVED this book. It was the perfect quick vacation read, was chock full of incredible stories filled with fashion's most influential people of the last fifty years. If you have seen The September Issue, can rattle off photographer and model names easily, and are interested in how Grace Coddington got to be the most influential woman (besides Anna) in fashion, add it to your must read list. 

The little man got dressed for dinner most nights. So fancy. I died when I put him in these RL khakis that had a belt. So grown up.

It was chilly at night and we walked a lot, so I was psyched that I packed these fold up flats. So comfy and look great with cropped skinnies or a short dress. 

Fresh seafood is always the highlight of the meals I have there. But I could also not get enough of these Spicy Rosemary & Maple nuts that my Mother-in-law made. They are beyond addicting and I found a similar recipe here

There were a lot of beautiful sunsets from the balcony. 

And one special one with the babe. 

Trying to get my routine back at home, but I am not going to lie and say I wish I was not still there. There is always the next trip to look forward to and mine is a girls only trip to AZ. Super excited for that get away. Where are you headed this Spring? 


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  1. Looks wonderful! We leave for 2 weeks of FL on tues. it can't come soon enough...



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