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I am feeling slightly out of my writing funk. I swear that  the winter kind of just sucks the life out of me. I am lazy in every sense possible and have watched more bad TV then I care to admit. A quick trip to Target for some snow gear for the little guy ended up being a great way to wake me up. 

Target has always has great home stuff, but have you noticed how they have upped their game recently? The Threshold line especially has me putting way more in my cart than I expected. (like that doesn't happen already)

How ridiculous are these peach colored ottomans? I did not end up getting them, but I have to go back and pray that they are still there. 

And these knit side tables? The cable makes it look so cozy and the wood is such a nice warm color. 

The Target website is so insanely large and filled with so much goodness that it is hard to find the best. After some serious couch time, I scoped out what I want most. Some of these can be found at your local store, but it is strange how much Target only sells online. 

1. This brass soap dispenser has matching items for your bathroom. Mirror, carafe, and toothbrush holder. 
2. This side table ($80) is such a fun bright color and love the modern shape. 
3. I am such a sucker for a Captain's mirror ($30)
4. Love this tie die woven rug (various sizes). It would be great in an entry. 
5. This wooden side table ($41) is perfect. Think I might snag one for my guest room. 
6. These dishes remind me of hand painted Spanish tiles. LOVE ($69 for 16 piece set)
7. This hammered accent table ($70) could be perfect on a patio or in the living room. 
8. This pitcher ($16) has such an Americana feel. It also has matching pieces. 
9. This vintage style crate ($25) would be great in the kitchen or to hold toys in the basement.
10. Beverage tubs can be so pricey, this one allows you to get one for beer and one for wine. ($35) 
11. Nothing like a little gold smoke to brighten your morning coffee like on these mugs ($16/4)
12. There is never enough storage around. This canvas bin ($12) has such a great print. 
13. As does this one ($12)


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  1. I bought those x-benches and let me tell you, they are nothing short of fabulous.



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