Family Yearbook

How many pictures do you have on your phone? On your computer? On your memory card? It is insane, right? But printing them out all the time seems excessive and making a photo book for every event in your life, or trip, or holiday, or anything, is pricey and a lot of work. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest (surprise, surprise), and thought it was an easily attainable goal and took a lot of the pressure of capturing memories. Once a year, make a year book. Pick the photos that mean the most to you and have them put in one book. one book a year seemed like a totally doable goal, plus who says you would have to get it done right after NYE? 

I just used iPhoto on my Mac and ordered it through Apple, but there are tons of sites you can use. I like Pinhole Press a lot. Apple was just easier because I did not have to upload anything. Plus, it only allows for so many pages, so it helps you edit. 

This is a tradition I hope to keep alive. And since it does not stress me out, was fun to make, and took little time, I think I can handle it. 

Happy Weekend. 


  1. Huge fan of pinhole press. Love this idea!

  2. Danielle8.2.13

    This is a great idea! Apple books are the best-so easy to work with and they come out beautifully!



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